ARGUS Approach

Drone near churc

ARGUS (Non-destructive, scalable, smart monitoring of remote cultural treasures) is a European research project aiming at advancing in the development of digital tools for the preventive preservation of effective remote monitoring of built heritage assets.

ARGUS draws on the current challenges in monitoring remote built heritage assets and the current research focus on preventive preservation, and envisions the development of digital twin models supported by an advanced digitisation strategy, portable measurements systems for non-destructive monitoring, AI-enabled methods for the modeling and identification of threat factors and their impact and AI decision support methods for the preventive preservation of built heritage.

The consortium is coordinated by the Athena Research Centre and it brings together 13 partners from 6 countries (Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland). ARGUS builds on strong cross-disciplinary collaboration among participants - 7 research organizations, 4 higher education institutes and 2 SMEs - with high profile in their discipline and a long experience in cooperative work. The project brings together Social Sciences and Humanities, Engineering, and Natural Sciences.

Pilot sites of the ARGUS project

ARGUS is setting new standards in heritage conservation and it builds and tests on extremely diverse pilot sites targeting to support a wide range of challenges for built heritage preservation.

Meet the Partners

Cyprus University of Technology
University of Cyprus
Roma Tre Universitat Degli Studi
Fraunhofer FIT
World Sensing
Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades
Centro Conservazione Restauro La Venaria Reale